Trauma Insurance Benefits | Video Case Study

Case Study – When Personal Insurance Benefits the most 

This video is a small appreciation for their gratitude of the advice given to them.

Tim (53) and Jenelle (53) are hardworking, everyday Australians. Tim has been running his own business for many years, while Jenelle works as a nurse.

Both Tim and Jenelle understand the importance of personal insurance, so have both had it in place for many years. They review their level of cover at regular intervals, and increase or decrease as required.

In addition to diligently checking in on their finances, this couple also diligently checks in on the state of their health. During one of his regular check ups, Tim was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to have his prostate removed completely. Though he was able to return to work, driving a truck for a living was causing him a great deal of pain. Unfortunately, he felt he had to continue to work to ensure the financial wellbeing of his financial future and family.

When I spoke with Tim, he described to me the procedure and process. We proceeded to look up the definition of prostate cancer on his Trauma (critical illness) insurance policy, and discovered that he was likely to be eligible to make a claim. So, we started the process of claim paperwork on his behalf, and he was successful in his claim.

This benefit payment from the insurer allowed Tim to sell his business comfortably without becoming overly stressed about the sales price, while paying off his and Jenelle’s home mortgage.

This relieved the financial pressures for the household, and enabled Tim to stop and evaluate his life after such a life threatening disease. He has since taken on a small job with a local school in order to stay in the workforce, but in a capacity that took into account his injuries.

Without the insurance, Tim and Jenelle would not have had the financial choices they had.