5 tips for… Unleashing your inner artist

Jane Foster shares a message on the importance of creativity in each of our lives, and her 5 tips for creating happiness through creativity.

Creating is what makes this planet progress and survive. When we create, whether it’s for business or pleasure, we are thriving at a higher level. We feel happier, we make people happier, and in turn we produce better results. 

Don’t underestimate the value of creativity in any aspect of your life. Is your marriage floundering? Inject some creativity into it and make it the marriage that you want it to be. Is your business in hot water? Create a new way to promote your product. Is your child having trouble in school? Help them find their creative soul and allow them to take a non-traditional path to achieve their goals. 

Unleashing your creativity is not something that you dabble in; it’s a way of living a better life, helping your fellow man and playing a better game on this planet.

Live your life as if it is a blank canvas. Now fill it up with the most amazing painting that you have ever seen. Do well, my friends.

5 tips for unleashing your inner artist:


1.  Finish it.

Complete all projects that you start. Don’t have incomplete cycles laying all around you.  It will eventually make you feel chaotic and incomplete. Surround yourself with completed projects. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. 

This is true for anything in life: If you started it, finish it.


2. Vampires of creativity be gone.

Cut ties with people in your life who make you feel less than when you are around them. They deplete your energy and kill your creativity. They are basically vampires of creativity. They feed off you to fill their own creative void until they’ve sucked every ounce of creativity from you. Do not sacrifice yourself, your happiness, or your creativity. Dump them. 


3. The future is ours to have.

Never focus on the past. Focus on the present and future. When you work hard and successfully harness your creativity to finish a project that is a reflection of your feelings of the moment and the promise of the future, you won’t care what Betty said to you 10 years ago.  


4.  The three T’s.  

Talent. Treasure. Time.

If you have a talent, give it back to the community don’t just keep it for yourself. If you have extra treasure (money), use it to do better. If you have free time, go and donate it to something that contributes to bettering the world around you. Set a goal in life to become abundant in one or all of the three T’s, and then give back to society. The truth to happiness is helping others. 


5. You, too, are creative.

Every person on this planet is creative. Some have just forgotten, and most people are told they are not until they eventually believe it. School is good at that. Embracing creative ways of thinking is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself, for your business, and for your relationships. Find your creative soul and open yourself up to a whole new world of existence that will take you beyond anything you ever imagined possible. Start today.


 About the author.

Jane Foster is a successful artist and business woman, and a mother of five.  Art is her whole world. She spends her life helping artists, old and young, succeed and survive better on this planet. She has owned various business throughout her life, and the only thing that truly makes them flourish is when she throws her creativity into them. 

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