genene wilson

Financial Adviser

043 2023 Headshot - Leading Advice - New Team Member

Genene believes financial advice improves your life and opens new possibilities
for an exciting future. She has a passion for education and integrates teachings
into the advice process so that her clients make informed decisions about the
financial strategies that could change their life.
Genene focuses on strategy first across each season of life. Whether you're
starting with money, seeking to understand basic principles and undertaking
foundational planning or a more advanced one. Genene works with wealth
accumulators, investment management through the middle years and
retirement, and intergenerational transfer. Ensuring her clients are future-
focused, strategies could include investment, superannuation and retirement
income, gearing for investment and debt management, improving tax efficiency,
and income and asset protection for family and estate.
Genene is a CFP® certified Financial Adviser and member of the Financial Advice Association Australia  (FAAA). Additionally, she's a CPA certified Financial Planning Specialist. Genene has been a practising Financial Planner since 2010.

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