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Life Cover

Insurance: Get insurance while you’re still bulletproof

According to research by TAL insurance provider the cost of personal insurance soars after the age of 35. This is also the time in our lives that you may be going through significant change such as marriage, children, a bigger mortgage and more responsibilities. In the previous 5 years to 2017, TAL paid out insurance…

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Income Protection Claim Paid

One of our valued clients, Jodie, recently suffered an injury to her shoulder on a weekend when she was at home with her family. The broken shoulder forced her to take 30 days off work to seek medical treatment and begin the road to recovery. As Jodie is the primary income earner for the family and had…

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Prostate Cancer Claim Paid

Tim, a long term client of Leading Advice had had his trauma insurance with Asteron in place since 2008. Running his own business in driving he never thought he would end up with Prostate Cancer that would require surgery to stop the spread of cancerous cells. As part of his annual review we identified a potential claim…

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Life Cover Claim

In the week of the 18th August we saw the widow of one of our clients receive $703,550 in a life insurance claim paid from a policy recommended by one of our advisers.

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