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Prune, adapt and budget: Managing the rising cost of living

If you’re organised with your finances, the high cost of living doesn’t have to mean diminished savings. The increasing cost of goods and services – from food and housing to transport and utilities – is a reality most Australians have to face every day. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that living…

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Four ways to teach children healthy money habits

Set a good example for your children with just a few simple changes. As a parent, you try to ensure your children have the skills to make smart financial decisions. For example, you tell them about the importance of saving or the power of compounding interest. But did you know that you could be sending…

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The out of pocket burden

• Whilst Medicare is universal, and can cover hospital, medical and pharmaceutical benefits, more than 11 million Australians choose to ‘supplement’ their healthcare funding with private hospital cover and around 13 million had private ancillary cover2 • Notwithstanding the interaction between Medicare and private cover, the individual is often left with a ‘gap’ between the…

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Don’t underestimate the power of relaxation

MarisSage Remedial Therapies 10-minute Relaxation Tips We know you’re busy. There’s always so much to do, and you can feel stressed, overworked and strung out. But who has the time to relax? You do. Just take ten minutes and try one of the tips below, we promise it will make all the difference. Sometimes a…

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Smart ways to handle finances in a relationship

Staying on top of finances can help couples achieve their shared goals. Whether they’re saving for a house or a holiday or seeking to grow or preserve their family wealth, setting up and sticking to a budget can help couples attain their common goals. By handling money well, they can avoid disagreements that could put…

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Five ways to protect your financial information

As theft of financial data becomes more common, securing online accounts and personal information has never been more important. Hacking and identity theft are growing in scale and sophistication. Research shows that hackers stole more than $2.3 billion from Australian online consumers in 2017… …with more than 6 million people falling victim to cybercrimes such…

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My 5 tips… to bring more balance into your life

Having a balanced life seems to be quite a hot topic at the moment, which makes sense considering the constant stimulus hitting us from all angles. We are constantly connected to people and work through our phones and computers, and so learning how to balance all that can be pretty tough. So, I decided to…

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Financial New Year’s resolutions for peace of mind

You know all those niggling anxieties about your finances that often lurk somewhere in the back of your mind? You know the ones… Do I have enough insurance cover? Is my super organised properly? Am I paying too much on the 32,496,357 bills that seem to keep flooding my inbox every month? It’s time to…

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5 tips for … Communicating better – with everyone!

When was the last time you switched off your phone and other devices, and communicated with someone? Like really communicated. Not just a quick tweet, text or status update but real human connection. Been a while? You are not alone. As we become increasingly tethered to our smartphones and online platforms, interpersonal or “soft” skills…

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