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Protect Your Wealth

Insurance: Get insurance while you’re still bulletproof

According to research by TAL insurance provider the cost of personal insurance soars after the age of 35. This is also the time in our lives that you may be going through significant change such as marriage, children, a bigger mortgage and more responsibilities. In the previous 5 years to 2017, TAL paid out insurance…

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Here’s why you need income protection

Your ability to earn an income is usually one of your biggest assets, so why not protect it? A sudden illness or injury can keep you from working and leave you in financial difficulty. You may get help from a worker’s compensation payout or personal savings, but are they enough to help you meet your…

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Managing your insurance cost

You don’t have to cut corners on your insurance or sacrifice the adequacy of your cover to make your policy more affordable. Choosing a payment structure Choosing stepped premiums in the first few years of your life insurance policy may help you keep the cost of cover low in the beginning. Stepped premiums allow you…

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Reduce your risk as a business owner

As business owners, we sure do have a lot on our plates. Balancing the day-to-day of running a business with high-level strategic and growth activities can be enough of a challenge by itself. However, things can go completely off kilter if something goes wrong, and you don’t have the proper protections in place. A dispute…

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Trauma Insurance Benefits | Video Case Study

Case Study – When Personal Insurance Benefits the most  This video is a small appreciation for their gratitude of the advice given to them. Tim (53) and Jenelle (53) are hardworking, everyday Australians. Tim has been running his own business for many years, while Jenelle works as a nurse. Both Tim and Jenelle understand the…

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Get Paid Out in a Disaster

Let’s face it. At any given time, Australia is either flooding, or on fire. Or both. Some areas can experience a drought, followed by a fire, followed by a flood. We’ve had so many cyclones by this point, we must surely be getting close to running out of names for them. So, with natural disasters…

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