Starting the journey to financial freedom

What Matters Now?

When you're just starting out, you probably don't have much money to play with. At least we didn't. So that's where we need to start! The most important thing to do now is set a foundation so future you is okay.

Build A Budget

The first priority is setting a realistic budget. Often when we map it all out for our clients, they are really surprised at how much they are capable of.

Keep Healthy

This might not directly be a financial thing, but health is such an important factor in your future success. The earlier you start, the better!

Protect Your Income

Your ability to earn income is a critical factor of your continued growth and development. Getting some protection in place could be a good idea!

Income Protection Insurance

The biggest asset you have right now is your ability to earn income... so make sure it's not at risk!

Income protection cover can provide up to 80% of your regular income as a monthly payment, if you're unable to work due to illness, accident or injury.

Key points:

  • Covers you if you can't work
  • Get 80% of your income each month
  • It's usually a tax deduction

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