Taking care of your young family

What Matters Now?

Things are different now. It isn't just you - you have a young family to think about. This changes your objectives and adds some new ideas to think about.

Tweak The Budget

Your first budget definitely doesn't work when you have a family. Not just because of the costs of children, but pretty much everything else changes as well.

Keep Healthy

Being unhealthy messes with your family life from a mental aspect as well as the physical. At Leading Advice we have a culture of well being (and it works).

Protect Your Income

Usually when you have a young family, you're earning a bit more than you used to. That income is even more important now with people counting on you.

Protect Against The Worst

Think about what would happen to your family if the worst - death of you or your spouse - happened. Covering yourself against this ensures your family will survive even if you don't.

Income Protection Insurance

The biggest asset you have right now is your ability to earn income... so make sure it's not at risk!

Income protection cover can provide up to 80% of your regular income as a monthly payment, if you're unable to work due to illness, accident or injury.

Key points:

  • Covers you if you can't work
  • Get 80% of your income each month
  • It's usually a tax deduction

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Life Insurance

One of the worst things that can happen is the loss or permanent disability of a loved one. The next worse thing is realising that you're about to lose everything.

Life Insurance can help protect your family in the event of that worst thing happening, actually happening.

Key points:

  • Get a payout in the case of death
  • Can cover you for permanent disability
  • And potentially (if you're covered) you can get paid even on getting diagnosed with a terminal illness

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